Herradura Tequila Anejo

Anyone who is constantly on the move can understand how important it is to sit back and unwind every now and then. And those who know me well know how much I love sipping on smooth tequila. Neat, of course. My current favorite is the new Herradura Legend, a rich ultra-premium añejo that embodies the distiller’s even richer history. Many of my readers are probably familiar with Herradura’s established presence on the market; however, few are probably aware of the company’s commitment to craftsmanship.

Dating back to 1870, Herradura has been crafting world-class tequila from Hacienda San Jose del Refugio. In fact, the distiller’s hacienda is the only tequila-producing hacienda in operation today and was the birthplace of the world’s first reposado and extra añejo variations. While the brand’s incredible legacy is a great source of pride, their traditional approach to crafting tequila really impressed me.

Their latest release, Herradura Legend, is yet another fantastic addition to my collection. Like with all quality tequilas, the aroma is the first thing that grabs your attention. When I poured my first glass of Herradura Legend, I instantly took in a variety of scents. First came the warm smell of roasted agave, followed by other forward notes of citrus and vanilla. As you continue to take in the añejo’s complex aromas, you start to get hints of toasted oak as well. The secret lies in the spirit’s custom-made barrels crafted from charred American White Oak. Specially designed with deep grooves, these unique barrels allow the tequila to receive higher exposure to the wood’s natural flavors during the aging process.

Once you take your first sip, you realize that the añejo’s flavor profile is an extension of its already complex aroma. You can taste both the sweetness of the dried fruit and vanilla, along with other notes like caramel. There is also a wonderful balance between Herradura Legend’s herbal qualities and the smokiness of the charred wood. In the end, you’re left with 100% blue agave and a smooth, aromatic finish.


If you are more interested in tequila-based cocktails or maybe thinking about making a margarita with this bottle, I strongly suggest you find yourself a blanco instead (Herradura Silver is a great option!). It’s important to note that tequila typically comes in three types: blanco, reposado, and añejo. Each one is aged for a different quantity of time, therefore developing a unique flavor profile throughout the distilling process. Since the Herradura Legend is matured for 14 months, this classifies it as an añejo tequila. Añejos possess a more mellowed-out and refined taste that doesn’t pair as well with citrus as younger tequilas. That is why this special bottle is best enjoyed neat, and maybe not as a go-to for your next Margarita Monday.

Although I believe tequila can (& should) be enjoyed year round, there is something special about warmer weather that makes the experience more enjoyable. With spring just around the corner, it’s time to enjoy the sunshine and have some delicious tequila with the people we love. Herradura Legend is the drink of choice for this upcoming tequila season, especially for anyone looking for a more refined approach.

Regardless of all the artistry that goes into producing a high-quality tequila, the agave spirit has never received the same global praise as an expensive glass of scotch or fine wine. However, distillers like Herradura are working to show the world the true beauty of tequila, and their Legend añejo is a perfect example of their mission. This special bottle is perfect for savoring the complexities of an aged tequila, minus the usual add-ons like citrus or salt. Host an evening with friends where tequila experts and newcomers alike can explore all that agave has to offer. Pair the tequila’s mellow, smoky taste with a delicious outdoor BBQ. If you’re more interested in relaxing poolside, sip it neat while you work on your tan at your next pool party. And like with any occasion involving a premium beverage, enjoy quality conversation with loved ones over a glass of añejo tequila. As we continue to navigate these unprecedented times, many of us are searching for more intimate moments to connect with others. Make Herradura Legend your welcoming gesture this spring.

I love tequila, and Herradura Legend has exceeded all my expectations. This añejo is a silky-smooth drink that is perfect for enjoying after a long day. Its caramel-like sweetness combines so well with the agave’s natural flavor, which satisfies both my sweet tooth and palate for tequila. After enjoying the Legend on a handful of occasions, I find myself still discovering new complexities in its taste, which has been an absolute delight. My preferred method of drinking, as previously stated, is neat; however, I’ve noticed subtle differences in the Legend’s flavor profile as I allow the tequila to aerate. This añejo has very forward woody notes that I enjoy, but I feel like I can savor them more clearly once my glass has been poured for a few minutes. It’s these subtle nuances that make Herradura Legend such a great drink of choice. As I continue to explore tequila, especially aged variations, I’m excited to see what else this bottle can teach me. Overall, I strongly recommend this newest release by Herradura to anyone who enjoys full-bodied spirits with complex flavors, fellow tequila-lovers, or those interested in expanding their palate.

As for those moments of relaxation that I love to savor, I hope to have more of them this upcoming spring. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to enjoying more sunshine with my friends and family after such an eventful year. The forecast for spring in my household shows signs of al fresco dining, long walks, and lots of laughs centered around drinks. As always, I wish all my readers the absolute best as we enter the warmer months, and may your springtime be filled with sunshine and good tequila. Cheers!

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  • Avatar
    Marjorie Renner
    February 25, 2021 at 7:58 pm

    On the move as I am, I think this tequila Herradura Legend is a great match for me for winding down after a busy day. I’m looking for this afternoon to have a toast 🥃.
    Thanks for sharing 💕

  • Avatar
    February 26, 2021 at 7:03 pm

    I don’t drink liquor but hubby loves Tequila. wind down during nowadays is so essential to our wellbeing. I fix him a tequila cocktail from time to time to keep him relaxed. Herradura Legend sounds so amazing and I def need to get this for hubby. He enjoys full-bodied spirits with complex flavors. Thank you for sharing Jules!


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