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Beach Kimonos and Cover-ups

Want the trendiest beach kimono cover-ups to accentuate your summer bikini or swimsuit? Kimonos make you look beautiful and fabulous without having to put much effort. So, pick the best kimonos that complement your style.

Why You Need a Kimono in Your Wardrobe

I’ve got a nice little kimono collection. Here’s why I love them:

Easy to fold

The material is soft and light, so it is easy to fold and carry with you without it taking too much space.

Great to Layer up

Kimonos are a great way to add layers to your look, especially when you’re wearing a swimsuit or shorts.

Comfortable to wear

Because they’re traditionally loose fitting and made of breathable fabric, they feel comfortable during the summer.

My Favorite Kimonos

You can find kimonos in plenty of colors, but when pairing them with swimwear, I generally prefer colors that look good in the summer. The same goes for styles. They need to look refreshing and fun, with uncomplicated patterns and designs. This way, it’s easy to tie up and take off.

Try a Pink and White Combo

A combo of white and pink will complement your skin tone. If it has extra design elements, like ruffles, it can look great in just about any outdoor venue.

Open-front designs mean you can easily move around. You can cinch your waist with a belt to accentuate your figure. The exceptional fabric with detail enhances the look of the Kimono.

Minimalist White

If you’re ever in doubt, stick to monochromatic colors. Sure, black is a great staple when it comes to blouses, dresses, pants, and even shoes, but what about swimwear. Remember, you’re at the beach, looking to cool off, so you want a color that reflects heat. Yes, white’s the one. A distinctive style with a split front will look stunning. What’s better than white? Sheer mesh white! Such fabric will make it look sexy, and it will be breathable too.

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